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Are press releases good for SEO? That depends on what you’re trying to achieve. You can target keywords with low to moderate competition that have a lot of search volume. In addition, you should try to provide the most relevant and valuable content in your press release. Here are some tips to get started. Make sure to include your website address and keyword in your press release. That way, it will be easy for search engines to find your content.

Press Releases

Keywords with low to moderate amount of competition

One of the best ways to increase your organic search engine rankings is to use intercept keywords, which address core customer concerns about a particular product or service. These keywords tend to have low to moderate competition and yield more targeted traffic. Press releases are particularly good for SEO for keywords with low to moderate competition, as they are often overlooked by SEO experts. Press releases have two main benefits: they drive traffic to your site and they improve your SEO score.

A press release is most effective if it includes relevant keywords. Use them strategically throughout the press release. They should appear in the headline, subheadings, and image caption. Search engines crawl these elements, and they use them as part of their algorithm. However, don’t overuse keywords; a good rule of thumb is to use keywords no more than five times. After analyzing your target audience, choose the most relevant keywords for your press release.

At least 100 search volume

It is important to select keywords with a high search volume. A good search volume is between 100 and 1,000 searches per month. This number will vary from industry to industry, but it should be higher than 100 searches per month. You can use Google Trends to find the search volumes of your keywords. Although it is free, it does not give the exact number of searches for your keywords. However, it can give you a good idea of which keywords have the most search volume.

Another important factor to consider when choosing keywords is the competition. Press releases with low to moderate competition and a hundred-hundred search volume will increase your chance of achieving good SEO. Make sure that your keyword list has at least one competitor. It will help your SEO efforts and boost the ranking of your website. By following the tips above, you can make your press release SEO-friendly. Once you’ve crafted the perfect press release, you can begin to reap the rewards.

Anchor text

You have probably heard the phrase “Anchor text in press releases for SEO.” But what is the right way to use it? It’s important to follow the guidelines laid out by Google, which recommends against keyword stuffing in your press releases. Here are a few examples of how you can use anchor text in press releases for SEO. Using relevant keywords is the best way to ensure high-quality backlinks, but you should always keep your keywords natural.

There are several reasons to avoid using keyword-based anchors in press releases. Over-optimized anchor text can hurt your ranking. In fact, an SEO study found that sponsored posts, guest posts, and press releases were the most common culprits in penalty cases. In almost 50% of these cases, keyword-based anchors were used. Instead, you should use branded or naked URL anchors. A recent study from Ahrefs found that the 301 redirection method can lead to better rankings.

Relevant content

While press releases may not be an SEO tool, they should contain at least one primary keyword. Ideally, this keyword should appear in the headline, the first paragraph, and the summary section. However, marketers should not over-stuff press releases with keywords. Instead, consider what readers may be searching for and what will grab the reader’s attention. Press releases can also be a great opportunity to incorporate branding keywords, such as the company’s tagline or trademarked phrases. But press releases shouldn’t be a history of the company or its products.

The first 250 words of a press release should be devoted to delivering the meat of the message. Relevant content in press releases will keep readers interested and provide links to the main keywords. For example, a press release may be titled ‘SEO-Friendly’ or “SEO-Friendly Press Release’. By limiting the length of the press release, SEO experts recommend keeping the content relevant to the company’s products or services.

Deep links

While the use of deep links in press releases for SEO has been gaining popularity, some factors still limit their visibility. Google only supports indexing apps in Chrome and iOS, so this feature can be limited by search context. Mobile Safari, the default web browser, is likely to be updated to allow Google to use the deep linking behavior when it updates its iOS 9 software. Deep links may also be invisible if the user’s browser does not support the deep link feature.

One important factor to consider when using deep links is the value of the link. Not only do these links increase internal link weight, but they also improve UX. For example, you can use internal links to drive traffic to specific pages of your website. If your website offers an eCommerce solution, deep links will increase your chances of being ranked for a similar product on Google. While this tactic is relatively simple, it can have a significant impact on your ranking.

Evergreen content

One way to create content that stays relevant year after year is to write about topics that will be interesting years from now. For example, if you’re selling pies, consider writing a piece about 8 common pie problems. Even if it was written before Thanksgiving, the information it provides will still be valuable months from now. Even better, you can format your content in a way that makes it easy to scan through and understand.

To create evergreen content, you’ll want to make sure that the content you write is updated periodically. An article on car registration, for example, may need to be updated every few months, or even a year, because the law changes frequently.


Otherwise, users will have a difficult time keeping up with the latest laws. While topical content is useful, it quickly loses its relevance. In this case, it’s best to write about a long-term topic like food safety or a new version of a product. At AffordableSEO we are offering Press Release Writing Services.

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