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Website as a digital distribution channel

Many wholesale and medium-sized companies traditionally use trade fairs to attract new customers, in order to present themselves, their products, and their services. But in times of the Corona crisis, most trade fairs and industry meetings are canceled, which makes new customer business in B2B more difficult. Even the classic field service is reaching its limits in these times, as it either stands in front of closed doors or personal contact is made more difficult due to safety and hygiene measures. There comes a question:


As an industrial or B2B company, how do I get new customers on the Internet?

The first answer is: through targeted online marketing. Online marketing includes all marketing activities that are carried out online. Your own website is often the linchpin for expanding a digital sales channel and using it to acquire new customers, also known as lead generation.

In the structure of the page content, the layout, and the design, the customer perspective and customer requirements must be the focus, instead of their own sensitivities. For successful customer acquisition, it helps to make it clear to yourself that the website and its usability are ultimately created for the potential customers and not for your own company.


What kind of content belongs on a company website in order to attract customers?

Company pages in the B2B area are often stingy with information. Knowledge is often assumed because anyone who needs CNC components already knows what they need. From the point of view of content marketing and lead generation, this is unfortunately too short-sighted. After all, good and well-prepared information on the site is helpful for potential customers.

Good content increases the length of stay because the visitor stays longer on the website to find out about products, services, or the company. Fast bounce rates, so-called bounce rates back to the Google search, are avoided.

This also increases the likelihood of an inquiry to the company because the more meaningful and detailed this content, the easier it is for potential customers to assess whether the company can meet their requirements. A contact form on the website is an absolute must, especially for highly specialized B2B and industrial sectors. The form must be easily accessible, clear and understandable, and user-friendly.


Which types of content are suitable?

Which specific content is suitable for the company depends on the respective objective. The following options are available for expanding the content on the website:

  • Checklists
  • Whitepaper
  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Corporate blog
  • Info pages


A whitepaper can be created relatively quickly depending on the depth of the content, but ideally needs a lot of boost with paid ads to generate leads. A company blog takes months to establish itself, but then creates long-term visibility and clicks on the Internet, making it the cheapest option.


Search engine optimization – increase brand visibility

Search engines like Google or Bing present search results with the aim of delivering relevant content that matches the search query. A long time users spend on the website and extensive content deliver positive signals to search engines.


Search Engine Optimization briefly SEO called covers all measures which serve to increase the visibility of a website and its content for users of a Web search engine. The so-called OnPage optimization as part of search engine optimization means all adjustments to the website with the aim of achieving a better ranking within the search engines.

In combination with good content in highly specialized B2B areas, SEO is actually the best channel that companies can use in the long term. The basis for this is a fast-loading and user-friendly website.



With content marketing on your own site companies can best expertise show. In the long term, content (in combination with SEO) belongs to the digital channel that generates the cheapest leads – and at the same time the highest quality.

The biggest challenge for companies operating in these highly specialized areas: In contrast to B2C online shops, there are usually 6,000 visitors and 150 orders per day, but maybe only 100 visitors a day and three leads per week. These leads, however, are tough and can mean orders in the millions.


Our experts will advise you strategically and competently on content marketing and search engine optimization for your website in B2B. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Jeremy Parker


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