Backlink Monitoring Tools to Manage Link Building Campaigns

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Backlink Monitoring Tools

Backlink monitoring tools can be an essential tool to your link building campaign. You can use these tools to track every link to your site and find out if they have changed or are obsolete. This tool also informs you of new backlinks, their average keyword position, traffic coming from Google, and much more. Monitor Backlinks will send you emails when the status of your links changes. Using this tool will also help you create a backlink monitoring plan for your site.


If you are unsure whether your link-building campaign is working or not, you should start by monitoring your backlinks. The Moz link analysis tool provides you with the domain authority and a total number of links pointing to your website. It can also analyze the link profile of any website and tell you which links are more spammy than others. It also offers several insights about your competitor’s backlinks. You can even disavow any links that are not relevant to your website and submit them to Google Webmaster tools.


When it comes to managing link-building campaigns, Ahrefs is a must-have. With a huge database of over one trillion backlinks, Ahrefs is a link-building tool geared toward SEO pros. Its free, basic version lets you view broken links and check their quality. For more comprehensive reporting, you can upgrade to the premium plan for access to its advanced tools.


Linkio is a powerful backlink monitoring tool that helps marketers track SERPs, monitor backlinks, and analyze anchor text. It analyzes the backlink profile of top-ranking sites and comes up with an algorithm to recommend anchor texts for your backlinks. This tool makes backlink building easier for marketers and takes the guesswork out of it. The tool also provides suggestions for anchor text using competitor data.


One of the greatest benefits of using SEMrush backlink monitoring tools to manage your link-building campaigns is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. You can import your links and domains into the tool, and it also has the ability to track backlinks, which is incredibly helpful if you’re in the process of building links. This tool allows you to keep track of all of your backlinks in one place and is ideal for both newbies and experts.

Backlink Monitoring Tools


If you’re using several backlink monitoring tools, you’ve probably been juggling between multiple accounts. While it’s important to keep track of information on every website you link to, Raven Tools can help you streamline the process and monitor everything in one place. With its many features, Raven can help you track your research and optimize your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Besides monitoring backlinks, Raven also lets you see how many links are coming from a specific domain, so you can decide how to best leverage this to your advantage.


If you have already rolled out your link-building campaign, you can use Pitchbox to manage and monitor your campaign. This link monitoring tool offers a few basic features, including analytics and an email template. It also has the ability to track the SEO metrics for each backlink opportunity. If you are unsure whether a backlink opportunity is worth pursuing, you can easily delete it or continue on with the process.


For anyone managing link-building campaigns, using a Majestic Backlink Monitoring Tool is a great idea. You can add your target keywords and main competitors to get a list of possible link-building opportunities. Click on the All Prospects tab to see the most promising opportunities. You can also dig deeper into the quality of each opportunity by examining the domain’s authority score. Then, you can contact these businesses and make your PR campaign work even harder.

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