Are Backlinks Relevant For SEO In 2023?

Are Backlinks Relevant For SEO in 2023 search engine optimization (SEO)? Backlinks still matter, and they continue to play a crucial role in helping sites grow in E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust). In fact, it is these three components that search engines and consumers place on the top of the priority list for their users. Backlinks play a crucial role in helping sites grow in E-A-T because they help build a site’s reputation as an authoritative and trustworthy source.

Backlinks Relevant For SEO
Backlinks Relevant For SEO

Backlinks Relevant For SEO

You can use two main types of anchor text for backlinks: exact match and variation. Exact match anchors include the exact word or phrase you want to rank for or a variation of the keyword. A variation of the keyword or brand name is also acceptable. The key is to make sure your anchor text complements the content of the linked-to page. For instance, if your website offers a service, you can use the exact word “service” as your anchor text.

Anchor Text

Besides that, it’s important to remember that anchor text plays a big role in link building. It’s the most effective way to boost your website’s SERP ranking. In the 90s, black hat SEO experts used any method to get ranked on Google. Fortunately, in the 2000s, Google implemented over 200 metrics including anchor text analysis. That means that anchor text is still important and can increase organic traffic for your website.

DoFollow links

If you’re looking for links, you have to look for high-quality ones. Dofollow links are important to your SEO strategy because they pass PageRank value to your website. There are several ways to find high-quality links. You can start by checking out existing mentions of your brand online. To do this, you can set up Google Alerts and check for any instances of your brand name being used online. Once you’ve identified these mentions, you can ask for do follow links.

Another way to acquire quality dofollow links is by replicating the backlinks of your competitors. However, this technique can be time-consuming. This method requires SEO expertise, good taste, and negotiation skills. One way to acquire dofollow links is to write guest blogs for another website. You can mention your own blog in multiple places, such as the author bio, or in the body of the article. But make sure to check the referring pages.

Trusted sources

Backlinks from trusted sources can help you increase your ranking on Google. The most popular search engine uses links to determine a website’s quality, so you want to build as many as possible. Google’s Penguin update made links more important, but they are still important. Links are the most important factor in ranking, so they’re here to stay. Using trusted sources can also help you improve your SERPs and Google Ads results.

As a rule, high-authority backlinks have low spamming and blackhat techniques. Getting new inbound links can help your website move in the right direction. The benchmark for high authority backlinks is one hundred. This figure is lower in some industries, but it can be higher for those sites with high domain authority. For example, a high-authority website will be more relevant to your site than a site with low domain authority.

Unlinked brand mentions

While linking to your website is essential, unlinked brand mentions are still just as important. There are several methods you can use to convert unlinked mentions to links. Authors can help you achieve this. BrandMentions is an app that displays unlinked mentions with the author’s name and other relevant data. It also shows other articles written by that same author. When you find one of these, you can ask the author to link back to your website.

Another way to find unlinked brand mentions is by using tools such as Google Alerts. You can set up an alert to alert you whenever the brand name appears in new content online. By using this tool, you can search for unlinked mentions of your brand in any online publication. If the mention is not related to your website, you can set up a custom time period to narrow down the results.

Social media platforms

Increasing social media usage is essential for your business. Not only do social media platforms increase traffic to your site, but they also help you earn backlinks from other websites. These backlinks increase your domain authority and PageRank score. Social signals can even temporarily boost your search engine rankings in Google. However, if you don’t use social media marketing effectively, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity.


Although SEO continues to be an important aspect of website marketing, social media is a great way to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website. It doesn’t hurt to create an account on several popular social media platforms and use them as a way to advertise and promote your products and services. Regardless of the platform, you should ensure your profile is optimized for search. Adding an account on popular social networks can help you dominate search engine results and attract more potential buyers.

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