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Whats the Difference Between Business Profile and Things Like Google Places for Your Business?

Whats the difference between Business Profile and things such as Google Places for your business? Whether you are new to online marketing or a veteran, a business profile offers many benefits for promoting your business. This article will highlight some of those benefits, as well as cover the requirements for completing a business profile. In addition, you’ll learn what photos you need to include in your profile and why they’re important.

Benefits of listing your business on Google Business Profile

A full and accurate Google Business Profile can help you rank higher in local search results and increase the number of actions your customers take. It requires a lot of information, including the name of your business. Make sure your listing reflects the name you use in the real world and on your business signage. Avoid adding keywords or location markers, as Google considers this spam. This service is free to use. Here are some benefits of listing your business on Google Business Profile.

Optimized Business Profiles also offer insights about your customers. Using powerful analytics, you can identify problems and improve your business listing. For example, if your listing contains negative reviews, you can fix that issue. Google is the number one search engine, which makes it crucial to optimize your listing. Moreover, an optimized Google Business Profile is free for your business. You can even get reviews from your customers!

Dynamic nature of a business profile

The business profile should reflect the dynamic nature of the business. Businesses are started to meet specific needs or fill market gaps. Entrepreneurs start a business because they have identified a market need for their products or services. The business environment is dynamic, with external and internal factors constantly changing. A new business should understand the market dynamics and how these changes may impact the business. A dynamic environment requires an understanding of how the market functions, and the type of business that the entrepreneur is pursuing.

Requirements to fill out a profile

To qualify for a Google Business Profile, you need to operate a physical business, which means your address must be real in the real world. This includes suite and building numbers, as well as cross-streets, landmarks, and any other relevant information. Businesses that rent a virtual office are not eligible for a Business Profile, but those that work from co-working spaces must maintain clear signage and accept customers during business hours.

If your company is 100 years old, you may want to highlight some of your founding principles, or if your company has been around for a long time. It may also be worth mentioning that you have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. If you recently IPOed or received funding from investors, you might want to include the dates when you were founded. Remember that your business profile should age gracefully, too.

Need for photos

When creating a business profile on Google, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Photos should be high-quality and follow Google’s content policies. Photos can be in JPG or PNG format. If you have more than one location, you can upload all your photos via a spreadsheet. Besides, business photos are important for a profile, because they help people recognize your company from its exterior.

Google penalizes businesses that do not have real-looking photos. While a professional photographer is ideal, it is not mandatory. You can take decent photos yourself with your smartphone. Remember to use good lighting, because a poor-quality photo can put off potential customers. Also, use different types of photos to showcase your business. Google has several categories for photos, so make sure to upload at least three of them to give potential customers an idea of what they’re getting into.

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