The Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics and Techniques in 2023

Digital Marketing Tactics
Digital Marketing Tactics

Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics

There are several new technological advances that will make marketing your product easier than ever. Here are some of these technologies. Location-based marketing, interactive videos, storytelling, and 5G technology. What are the most effective digital marketing tactics and techniques for 2023? The answer may surprise you! Depending on your product or service, any of these innovations may be a good fit for your business. Here are some of the best ones to look forward to:

5G technology

A lot of marketers are excited about the new technology that is set to revolutionize the way we live our lives. High-speed Internet and 5G will make it easier to combine real-time analytics with detailed customer data.

Massive amounts of data generated by mobile devices connected to 5G networks will help marketers to create richer and more customized shopping experiences. With this new technology, marketers can improve customer experience and boost sales.

With 5G, small businesses can target new markets, industries, and customers. SMEs can start up operations in rural areas. Moreover, the technology will enable these businesses to lower their costs and provide greater convenience. Moreover, 5G will enable new applications like augmented reality and VR to be developed. These are just some of the many advantages that 5G offers. By 2022, these technologies will have a positive impact on business growth.

Location-based marketing

Despite some of its shortcomings, location-based marketing is one of the most promising forms of digital marketing. Using location data in digital marketing helps businesses target consumers who are likely to buy products and services. As a result, marketers do not have to waste resources on campaigns that are unlikely to bring them any benefit. Indeed, 94% of marketers plan to utilize location data in their marketing strategies by 2022.

For example, you can use location-based marketing to divert potential Mcdonald’s customers to your business. By deploying an app that will send them a promotion for a cent whopper, you can direct customers to your restaurant.

In addition, location-based marketing helps you foster relationships with your customers and reduce wasted spend. It also improves the overall customer experience. This trend is set to become the norm for all businesses. For more digital marketing contact AffordableSEO

Interactive videos

A unique game-like aspect of interactive videos encourages viewers to share the story. Interactive videos offer the viewer the ability to change the content or perspective and even influence the visuals.

These interactive videos are an exceptional way to generate leads and improve your bottom line. Whether you are trying to increase your brand loyalty or captivate a young audience, interactive videos are an excellent way to engage and motivate your audience.

If you’re interested in creating an interactive video, consider integrating it into your email marketing strategy. Interactive videos are more personalized, allow users to answer the main questions, and leverage the power of marketing.

A branching interactive video is an example of a marketing strategy that involves branching, allowing the user to choose one of several paths and arrive at different endings to the piece. Interactive videos will likely continue to increase your email open rates and reduce abandonment rates, as people don’t want to waste time.

Digital Marketing Tactics


The age of social media is rapidly changing. Instead of posting a photo or a link, people are spending a lot of time scrolling through their feeds. To compete in this new landscape, brands must create a story-driven approach that engages the audience. This requires the use of high-quality video or images. Brands should take note of these new trends when crafting their digital marketing campaigns.

Another trend in digital storytelling involves data-driven narratives. These narratives use data to provide context. Brands can make use of tools like Google Trends to show which search terms are being used in various parts of the world, and include that data in anecdotes or ad campaigns.

Data-driven narratives also help brands illuminate public interest or spotlight a problem. Companies that collect data can benefit from this trend, such as Spotify, which analyzes user preferences to determine playlists and ads that feature relevant content.

Account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is a highly targeted strategy that targets specific decision-makers in a specific company. By creating a targeted list, you can identify individuals who have similar characteristics to the people you want to reach.

Likewise, you can create content that satisfies the needs of these decision-makers. And if all of this is done through email marketing, you’ll find that account-based marketing is the most effective strategy of digital marketing in 2022.

As a B2B marketing strategy, account-based campaigns allow businesses to focus resources on specific accounts. This way, their marketing message will be targeted and relevant to them.


And because these accounts are more valuable than others, account-based marketing allows sales and marketing teams to work together in creating a personalized message for each one of them. This strategy is more effective than traditional marketing and can improve conversion rates and increase revenue from existing accounts.

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