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Local SEO Audit Services

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Backlink Audit Services

GEO Networks Deliver Next-Level Benefits

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to achieve map rankings. As algorithms get more intelligent, they work harder to provide relevant information to customers. Geo networks ensures you get spotted by the right people at the right time.

Are You Struggling to Rank in Local Search?

Google analyzes several vital metrics when evaluating how to respond to each search query. If you want to improve your customer acquisition processes in this area, you’ll need to structure your content and website to create attention in the following areas.

Why Choose Us for GEO Networks

We deliver results by focusing on relevance, prominence, and other essential ranking factors.

Local Relevancy

It is no secret anymore. Local relevancy is one of the top factors for SERPs to decide rankings. While it is difficult, time-consuming and a costly exercise to find a mention on Local blogs & Websites via Outreach


In this phase of the project, if you sign up for our managed SEO program, our team will carefully monitor the statistics and rankings using GA, GSC and Rank Trackers to make further assessments

Geo Targetted

Creating localized Geo-targeted Properties is an affordable, equally effective alternatives and a great enabler to get you in Google Maps 3 Packs


We use all the learnings in the check phase to devise a tier2 plan that may be required to further enhance the Roadmap that we had prepared in the DO Phase of the PDCA Model.

Let our team help you achieve location authority domination.

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Optimized for GEO-targeted location.

Google’s algorithm acquisition for local search often looks for trusted signals from community providers. The goal is to deliver the most relevant data to searchers who have specific queries. Our team builds out content based on what people in your community want to find to help your listings start rising.

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High-Quality Content

The quality of a website’s content directly reflects the rankings and authority it achieves in local markets. When the information has geo-location relevance, it’s often seen as being more trustworthy. We’ll help your brand be seen as a strong information provider to ensure that your expertise shines.

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Web 2.0 Properties

We build Web 2.0 properties manually to ensure a higher indexing probability occurs. The accounts publish relevant information through content acquisition and other optimization best practices. This process creates an online map that makes it easier for search engines to trace your relevance.

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Map Embedding

People shop online for many things, but they also like to visit local stores. By offering this service, you can get spotted on searches or provide directions to consumers trying to reach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having delivered 100s of orders, we can confidently claim it to be an Ultimate source to provide local relevancy to your business and help you break into the Google Map Rankings. We don’t just run White-Label SEO for you under your brand name, but our strategy extends beyond providing you with rankings. Our GEO networks ( Local citations) are designed to do more than increasing rankings; they are intended to boost your conversion rate by providing localized results.

Google’s Algorithm for Local SERPs essentially relies on 3 core ranking factors-

1) Proximity : Google considers the distance between the searcher and the Business when giving local results.

2) Keywords : Google considers content relating to keywords in certain locations when deciding rank in local results.

3) Business Relevance : Google considers relevance of your business to locally-targeted audience in order to rank your business in local results. Here you need to prove that your business is relevant in that specific location or has considerable relevance for users in which ever location you are looking at.

We did a lot of work for hundreds of small businesses and helped them build a strong online presence. We also strived to create a platform which provides an easy & effective way to promote our clients online. What Properties Do You Build?

We build High Quality Web2.0 like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium etc with a high rate of indexing and also we do our job fully.

We give you full access over the report and over the work we do.

You get to view and manage all the sites created by us. We don’t give access to the seller to login to your dashboard. As for the reports, we send you a comprehensive report every month and in case you need access to something more detailed, we can provide it. You can use it for Search Engine Optimization, Search engine marketing and Search engine rankings.

Yes it does, we have had multiple clients with the same scenario and in such cases, we have built out the directions from your geographical location. As we use Google Maps for directions we make sure to give clear and easy-to-follow directions. We also suggest you create a return address and print out the label before you leave for the day.

Our writers will research the topic and write unique words for you! You can choose between 10, 15, 20 properties.With as many as 500 words written for each property, you can become a proud owner of a unique piece of content.

Yes, of course. We have provided a custom field in the webform for you to add any relevant images/videos.