How to Use a Google My Business Profile Even If You Don’t Have a Shop Front

For a Google My Business Profile to be useful, it must be physically based, which means the business must have in-person contact with customers during its stated hours. A business can also be an artist, organization, or brand, but it can’t be a physical shop front. Rental properties, sales or leasing offices, and ongoing classes or services are not eligible. In order to use a Business Profile effectively, it’s important to highlight the uniqueness of the business.

Google My Business Profile

Google My Business Profile

If you have a physical shop front, you should list it in your Business Profile. However, if you rent a virtual office, you are not eligible for a Business Profile. However, businesses in a co-working space must have clear signage and must welcome customers during business hours. Here are some tips for those who don’t have a business shop front. In addition, you should list your real-world address.

Creating a Business Profile

If your business is primarily online, you should have a website. Google Business Profile allows you to manage your Google listings and attract more business. Customers can find your products and services, contact you and learn more about your company. Businesses that have a verified listing on Google are twice as likely to be considered credible than those that don’t. However, if you don’t have a physical shop front, a website is still a good idea.

Adding factual attributes

If you have a physical shop front, you can use that to add factual attributes. There are two types of attributes: factual and subjective. Factual attributes are set by the merchant, while subjective attributes are sourced from users. If you offer a service that has no physical location, you can choose to add a subjective attribute instead. The most common of these is “good for families,” which should be your default choice.

Factual attributes are based on real life experiences and inform consumers about a merchant. Informed consumers are more likely to make better business decisions. For instance, consider Bob’s example. He was conscious of the presence of Covid-19. He chose to dine at another restaurant that was safer because of this factor. However, if there had been no direct contact with either merchant, he might have chosen the other establishment.

Adding photos

If you don’t have a business shop front, a photo of your location is still very important to add to your Google MyBusiness profile. Not only will it help you stand out in the search results, but customers will also be able to recognize you from the photo. You can also upload a logo or a picture of the exterior of your business to help potential customers recognize you.

There are different ways to add photos to your Google MyBusiness profile. One way is to use a spreadsheet. Once you have your spreadsheet, you can choose which photos to display for each location. A video is another option that you can add to your profile. Videos are an excellent way to promote your business and your products or services. You can upload photos to Google MyBusiness by logging in to your account. Select the appropriate tab, then select the type of photo you wish to add to your business profile.

Marking your Business Profile as closed

If you do not have a physical shop front, marking your Business Profile as closed can help you avoid being missed by potential customers. In case of temporary closure, customers can search for you via the name of the company or the business name. Unless your business is listed as permanently closed, it will rank after those businesses that are open. The good news is that this change won’t affect your rankings in Google searches or Maps.

If you are unable to have a physical shop front, you can still make your listing visible on Google Maps. First, you need to create a Google Business Profile account. After you have registered, you’ll need to verify your business. After that, you can select the option “Mark your Business Profile as closed.” After you have verified your listing, you can choose to make it public by marking it as closed. Google will review your listing, and if everything is OK, it will appear in Google Maps within a few minutes or a few days.

Responding to negative reviews

If you are thinking, “Why should I respond to negative reviews on my Business Profile?” you should read on to find out. You can respond to negative reviews in a variety of ways, including by addressing the issues raised and pointing out positive aspects. As an online business owner, you have an opportunity to show potential customers that you are human too. After all, they might want to buy from you if they are genuinely unhappy with their experience.

You should respond to negative reviews in a polite way. It is easy to get upset and lash out at the person writing negative reviews, but you should try to remain calm and respectful. Although the customer may be upset, it is not your fault, and your response to them shows that you care about their concerns. In fact, responding to a negative review can increase conversion rates and customer advocacy by 16%.

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