Link Building Outreach: How Do You Go About It?


In order to succeed at link building, you must reach out (aka outreach).

Link Building Outreach?

A good candidate will often be found in a competition’s link profile, or on sites that have already listed you, but without a link.

Site administrators and bloggers versus SEO’ers?

The outreach and Link Building Outreach process have already been studied extensively A common thread are what bloggers and website administrators actually think about SEOers.

The studies found that they are often fooled or have that impression.

As well as undervaluing themselves, many bloggers feel underappreciated.

Your e-mails show no interest in the blog or what is written.

Underappreciated and undercooled. However, that’s not the best way to start a relationship, because, with clarity and honesty, you can go a long way.

According to the studies, bloggers and site administrators would be willing to share links if the content was relevant to their readership.

Link Building Outreach

Fair links are the longest

No matter what type of communication you use: e-mail, forms, telephone, or social media, just be honest about your desire for a link.

Most bloggers and web administrators receive several emails each month.

Therefore, please make sure that the message that you send to the administrator includes the following properties:

  • Pitch unique, not generic
  • Content, websites, and bloggers are of interest
  • Gratitude for the work the other person does
  • Instead of mountains of gold, choose sincerity
  • You could offer an incentive

Especially that incentive should not be missed. What’s in it for them? 85% of bloggers earn money from her or his blog.

Mainly by selling links and content.

Yet an incentive does not always have to be money. Incentives come in different forms:

  • Economic incentives: This can be money, but also the exposure that indirectly generates money for the website or blogger. This also includes the free delivery of good content.
  • Social incentives: Giving the blogger more contacts and/or valuable relationships.
  • It is morally logical that those who do good will be rewarded. You can also donate to other higher education institutions or charities.

Ultimately, a link budget is necessary in order to build good links.

Whether it is spent on creating good content that also benefits the other party (e.g., information graphics, studies, viral videos, and other shareable content) or investing in invaluable partners;

Your brand can easily leverage its link-building strategy if you have a little extra money to spend.

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Jeremy Parker


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