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Optimization for Google My Business through local SEO

Google My Business SEO

So Google, in order to improve its service, has decided to optimize the Google My Business (GMB) company cards, inserting them into organic search results. All the necessary information about a business is included on these cards, including opening hours, services offered, pictures, videos, and treated products.

Because of this, we feel it is impossible to begin thinking of having activity without properly completing the GMB forms.

Here are some simple rules and tips.

1 Enter all of your company’s information: 

company description, hours, product category, etc.

2 Reviews Management: 

Your customers’ feedback is crucial in confirming your brand’s value and helps form users’ purchase decisions who don’t know you. Brand Reputation is based on reviews.

3 Check the GMB timesheet regularly:

Check that your cursor on Google Maps is correctly placed to avoid people being disappointed by your approximate location after following the wrong directions.

Local SEO optimization requires the right keywords and, possibly, links to your website.

4 Describe your company in an exhaustive and captivating way:

Presentation is a crucial step to attract new customers. Think carefully about what you want to communicate to your customers, your mission, what kind of offer you propose, and why you should be chosen. Local SEO optimization involves using the right keywords and, perhaps, a link to your website.

5 Activate the GMB card as soon as you open your business: 

The local card’s historicity is one of the factors contributing to the local ranking formation, so an “older” online card will be more likely to rank faster.

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