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Monthly SEO Packages
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Monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages to Help Your Business Grow

When websites rank higher on Google and other search engines, the result is often more web traffic, customer requests, and conversions. If you want to achieve those results, you’ll want the correct SEO optimization techniques helping to promote your brand’s expertise. Our team delivers the results you need to improve your message while naturally raising the brand’s overall profile.

SEO can deliver some short-term results, but it is typically a long-term strategy that requires ongoing updates to maximize its success. Our monthly packages provide those results through patient improvements, a value-focused approach, and your industry expertise.

Several factors go into how high a website ranks. Depending on the algorithm update, there could be over 200 focus points to manage to create a positive SEO result. That’s why it helps to have a professional team working alongside your brand to deliver the outcomes wanted from this investment.

Most websites see ranking improvements with complete monthly seo packages service and start appearing within a few weeks. With our keyword research, ongoing analysis, and timely reporting, you’ll always know where you stand online.

Organic results are more clicked than Advertisements

Good content and speed are of great importance

Why Choose Local SEO Packages for Digital Marketing Services?

Utilize our team’s decades of combined experience to serve as a marketing asset that can grow your brand in amazing ways.

When you’re ready to invest in modernized SEO package services, a package deal is often the best way to go. You’ll find prices closer to wholesale or bulk structures, creating the chance to save some significant cash when you have extensive work to complete.

Once you’ve made that investment, here are some of the top services you can expect to receive when purchasing your preferred monthly SEO packages.


Before we start SEO on a website, we investigate all relevant search terms that may be available for your service. Then a content map will be created to optimize the relevant pages for the desired keywords


When the website pages are crawled and indexed by Google, link building is started along with continuous monitoring of the keywords and rankings. Over time, the website will rank higher in Google's search results.


The next step involved implementing all findings in the initial discovery session or audit, starting with optimizing the title tags, meta descriptions, KW density and other on-page issues. The URLs then get submitted to for Google indexing


There are always new learnings that we discover on a monthly basis by analyzing the rich data that we get from Google Search Console & Google Analytics, plus other sources. This data is used for strategies, link building and other efforts to keep moving the rankings in the right direction.

Would you like to outsource your SEO? Beautiful! We would like to use our years of experience and passion towards the success of your campaigns. This is how we do it!

Technical Website SEO Audit Service Packages
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Technical SEO Audit

Each monthly SEO package we offer includes this service. We delivered a detailed technical audit to identify each potential on- or off-page optimization issue that could be holding your brand back today. We look at the front and backend of each post and page to ensure we’re all working with the appropriate data from the beginning. This effort identifies many of the critical issues that require correction.

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SEO Keyword Research

When a small business wants to be competitive online, it must focus on long-tail keywords with high engagement and low competition levels. You can’t afford to get noticed on the one or two words that the bigger brands use to draw attention to themselves. Our team will review the various queries that potential customers use to find companies like yours, highlight the best options, and make adjustments to your overall digital profile to reflect that information more appropriately.

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content creation
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Content Creation and Development

Website content plays a crucial role in the process of customers finding local or regional businesses. This asset delivers your expertise and value while encouraging each visitor to proceed further through your sales funnel. Internet users are always looking for that bit of information, a new product, or an essential service that makes their lives better in some way. Our team delivers results in this area by crafting blog posts, improving pages, and other content marketing techniques.

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Link Building Services

Modern SEO requires offsite link building strategies and internal linking to related content to create an optimized network. By increasing the number of incoming links and mentions, your site shows the search engines that others find to be valuable. That’s why you need “supportive expertise” in this category. We’ll map your current profile, expand it through authoritative sites, and never use spammy or inappropriate techniques to generate results.

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Google Analytics Review​
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Google Analytics Review

Analytics data provides insight into what people are visiting your website. You can also see what those folks are doing when they’re exploring your site. We prefer to use Google’s assets to understand this information, ranging from advertising campaign reactions to the overall user experience. When we discover what creates positive influences for your audience, we work to expand that concept in ways that make sense.

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Dashboard SEO Reports

We believe in 100% transparent communication. You’ll receive detailed monthly reports through your online dashboard. We’re upfront about each detail, including the ones where misses might have happened. That’s because you deserve to see every element of your investment to ensure you’re getting the dividends needed to keep growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous new websites are added each day, making SEO increasingly important. There are plenty of competitors online, so it’s a matter of being found. Additionally, the top 10 must be retained. Continually keeping up with market changes and making sure no errors are made are the only ways to accomplish this. SEO by a renowned SEO company should include off page SEO, local SEO strategies, content development, and site optimization.

Website builders are not always concerned with search engine optimization when creating new websites. The performance of your new website may be poor.  Migrating and redeveloping a website when launching it can affect the findability of the website in a dramatic way.  If you make one wrong website change, your Google position can diminish.

Search engines are getting smarter all the time. That means they need to be addressed in different ways. We take a holistic approach when it comes to SEO, individually tailoring the strategy for each client.

All aspects of SEO – technology, content, and popularity – are important for achieving results. That is why seo services focus on those 3 pillars within each monthly SEO package.

For example, technical SEO will play a role especially at the beginning of the process, while the content strategy and link building are continuously important. Every month we, therefore, look at where any quick wins lie and which activities will have the greatest impact.

Our Monthly SEO service subscriptions have a fixed price, as well as a fixed number of hours per month. This is exactly what is driving the price difference. No matter which fixed price package you choose, per month we take into consideration many factors like enhancing your findability. A constant amount of time is spent on SEO throughout the entire process. A one-time action will not be enough to beat competition, but it does serve as the foundation for the entire process. In order to determine an effective strategy, it is important first to map out the present situation, and then to determine the strategies based on keyword research. We offer starting packages of $698 USD for a starter / local website and higher packages for high level sites that have a high quality SEO strategy

SEO takes time to impact your site’s performance, so you won’t see a change immediately. If you pay your SEO provider monthly, you give them the time to develop the very best effort for your company without being limited by time constraints. The monthly SEO pricing plan usually means that you aren’t restricted by projects or hours. Your business can be focused on what’s important and critical issues prioritized. Moreover, a monthly SEO plan lets you establish a relationship with your SEO company. This gives you time to cultivate a business partnership between you and them. When you build your SEO company’s repertoire, you’ll be prepared for any unexpected issues. Continuing monthly SEO services are therefore more flexible. You can make the necessary alterations when problems arise when working with an SEO company.

Structure varies from website to website and from business to business. Search criteria, volume, area, or keyword difficulty may differ. E-commerce sites are different from lead generation sites or local businesses. These factors are analyzed during discovery sessions and used to structure the roadmap. Therefore, every monthly SEO package is different. All SEO work is included in the packages. If you have a small business, we offer SEO packages that won’t burn your pocket, but give you the best value for the money.

It depends on a number of factors, such as your business structure, the area you operate in, your competitors, the keywords you are chasing, and most importantly your budget and how quickly you want to rank. It makes a huge difference in how we recommend our campaigns to clients if the website is new or if it is old, and is ranking for keywords. In general, if you have a lot of competition, you need a bigger campaign. In addition, our local SEO agency offers you a high quality Website Audit to help you decide which SEO package is best for your needs and why.

Yes, there is always an option to customize your package and change the number of keywords or pages that you want to target. We can review your goals and help you customize an SEO package that will bring the results you desire. Our SEO packages or SEO plans have been carefully curated using our 12 years of experience in the industry. SEO Packages are not the same as SEO plans. Packages are selected based upon the monthly pricing that you pay for, where as plans can be customized to suit your needs.

SEO is one of the most effective methods of marketing online. With just one high ranking, you can easily get tens to hundreds of visitors per day. Every day. For years. Small businesses are easy to rank, they will see an immediate increase in business.

An SEO expert optimizes and maximizes to make the most of what you have. The more untapped potential your website has, the faster and more value your business will experience. If you look purely at optimization, then it is only smart to hire an SEO professional if there is a fair amount to optimize. SEO services packages will guarantee a ROI in 6-8 months of your investment.

Through smart and well-thought-out SEO strategies, Affordable SEO LLC achieves results through Google site optimization. . In order to use the most relevant organic search terms for your business, we conduct careful keyword research. We strongly recommend focusing on both popular and specific search terms. We can achieve targeted results this way in both the short-term and the long-term. We offer competitive SEO pricing packages for small and large companies alike.

It may seem like a good idea at the time, but don’t make the mistake that a lot of small businesses make. Don’t just hire a cheap SEO provider because it seems like a good deal. The reason people hire a cheap SEO provider is that they think they can get some rankings for their website without spending too much money. There are thousands of SEO companies claiming they can rank your website in 2 weeks and you only have to pay a very small amount. Some of these companies may actually be able to rank your business with high authority keywords for the short-term but it’s not sustainable. They are using black-hat SEO techniques that will only get you into trouble with Google’s ever changing algorithm.

Developing content, creating backlinks, and creating dashboards takes time, effort, and requires cost; and that’s where you’ll see the difference. Research, ask for recommendations, and read blog posts about SEO before you choose the best Affordable SEO agency for your website.

No matter how big or small the SEO package is, we provide every client with our state of the art SEO dashboard.   At Affordable SEO, we are 100% transparent and your dashboard will show real-time, up-to-date work our team has completed.  

Client Dashboard Features:

Keyword Tracker: Accurate search engine rankings, updated daily for any location or language
Backlink Monitor: Keep track of your new and lost links with our backlink monitoring tool
Site Auditor: Identify and resolve over 40 on-site SEO issues to increase organic rankings
60+ marketing Integrations:With over 60+ marketing integrations, you have access to all the data you need to help you succeed. From SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Call Tracking, and more, you’ve got access to all your you analytics data in a single, intuitive interface.

We are a search engine optimization company that helps our clients rank their websites on Google, Yahoo & Bing.  Our team of SEO experts at Affordable SEO understands the dynamics of Google and how to implement key strategies to successfully rank your website at the top of the rankings. We know exactly what needs to be done to get your site ranked on Google.  When it comes to increasing traffic to your website, we are going to tell you exactly what you should do.