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What Private Blog Networks Backlinks Are Offered?

Private blog networks create a series of websites that remain under the control of a single person or entity. It could be a handful, a few dozen, or even a few thousand. The only purpose of a PBN’s linking is to place content on it with anchor text to start pointing at the authoritative content that causes sales funnel progression for your customers.

This technique works by passing authority from a number of websites to one or more other sites under your control. Since we all know that backlinks play a significant role in algorithm recognition, the ideal structure is that more private blog links point to a specific page to create a network that speaks of expertise.

Since acquiring links is time-consuming and expensive, building multiple websites simultaneously while creating organic connections through that control is often easier.

You cannot drop links to a money site from multiple content offerings across several domains these days. In the past, the content quality didn’t matter.It does today. If multiple sites use the same structure to point to a single page, the search engines recognize this fact and disregard the information. That’s why a new take on PBN links is necessary.

Our team delivers the results you need, whether building a PBN from scratch or updating a current one, to ensure your investments can turn into meaningful sales.

Discover the Benefits of Using a PBN Links Today

When you want to use a private blog network as a resource for your brand and business, here are some of the benefits that we can develop to help it become a powerful asset for your products, services, or updated money pages.

Why Choose Affordable SEO for PBN Links?

We Use an Innovative Website Network to Product Authentic Results


We start by conducting full 360-degree audits of your website by visiting all Onpage and Offpage issues using our tools like google search console and SOPs


In this phase of the project, if you sign up for our managed SEO program, our team will carefully monitor the statistics and rankings using GA, GSC and Rank Trackers to make further assessments


The next step in the process is to devise a Roadmap that you can use yourself or seek our support to fix all know issues identified during the Plan phase of our SEO performance audit


We use all the learnings in the check phase to devise a tier2 plan that may be required to further enhance the Roadmap that we had prepared in the DO Phase of the PDCA Model.

Powerful and reliable hosting, combined with authentic content and approachable avatars, is the heartbeat of modern PBNs.

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Footprints and Breadcrumbs

Our white hat seo approach building private blog networks focuses on showing each identified site as a real and reliable resource for consumers. Instead of delivering the link on something virtually worthless, we build a comprehensive resource that becomes a valuable asset by itself. Since none of the blogs or websites connect with each other, the network doesn’t seem that way to the search engines – and that avoids the footprints and breadcrumbs that get PBNs in trouble.

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Authentic Websites and Content

We create every website and blog in the white-hate SEO network to ensure it is carefully crafted to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s expectations in this marketing approach. You won’t see a wall of endless home page backlinks, text blocks, or other problems that the competition delivers in this area. Each blog post uses high-quality links and mixed content to produce results.

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Customization with Variation

Each blog or website uses unique logos, different plugins, and other design elements to ensure that the casual visitor won’t realize that they’ve visited a PBN. Our goal is to deliver something valuable at each step to encourage sales to funnel progression.

We include different sliders, themes, contact forms, widgets, social profiles, and images to ensure each stop delivers a customized result.

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Premium Web Hosting Services

Our link building websites use fast and reliable cloud hosting services. This asset ensures that the red flags delivered by cheap providers don’t increase the risk of having your site de-indexed or flagged for manual review.

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Default Name Services

We don’t use custom name servers or other methods that could cause your brand and business to get into trouble with the search engines. Our team only uses the defaults provided by the web host to create a high-quality link building experience.

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Modern Strategies

Our link-building strategies follow the industry’s best practices while incorporating our own innovative twist on the process. You’ll receive updated reports on your profile to ensure that you always know what is happening with your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people are using the same providers for all their backlinks. This is a big mistake. If you can see your competitors sites in your indexation report, they can see yours too. Across the board, people are putting too many eggs in one basket.

We use Dedicated Ip`s and a wide variety of A, B and C class IP addresses – Each website has a uniquely assigned IP address! You don’t have to worry about bad environments or multiple network websites hosted on the same IP easily exposing your network. The servers are located in 24+ different locations around the world and provide a natural and wide IP range over the entire network.

Here at SEO Combat, we are constantly improving our services so that we can provide the best quality possible to all of our clients. One way that we ensure that our services are always up-to-date is by constantly testing how well our services are performing in the marketplace.

One of the most common ways to get a PBN site penalized is by having all the backlinks coming from the same web hosting company and that’s where we can help you, because we use more than 10+ different premium web hosting companies with fantastic feedback and track records. hese are real top of the line web hosts, some of which are well known such as Atlantic, Digital, Linode, Vultr, Rackspace and Amazon. We are also constantly looking for additional web hosts to add to our system that meet our quality criteria.


Private blog networks are one of the most controversial subjects in the SEO world. If a private blog networks didn’t work, search engine like Google wouldn’t try to target those who do it and drive people away from the strategy. But this is no more than a deterrent tactic. People are still building networks and thus achieve a better ranking. People will still build PBNs and there is no shortage of clients who want to buy them.

 No,We don’t provide the full URL reports because we only need to provide you screenshots of each domain with a do-follow link that’s the minimum requirement to be considered a valid link. We have to do this to protect our inventory from getting spammed as we had instances of spam tiered links using PBNs in the past.

Our PBN network is split into several broad categories such as entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, technology. Using a PBN your back links will come from thematically relevant pbn websites and every domain & blog in our network will only link to niche relevant websites. Some competitors who may attempt to utilize “black hat” techniques to secure networks.

This not only means that every domain looks natural. We do not use expired domains.

We work to develop an extensive network of niche relevant domains aged over 10years old which means that your back links look natural.

There is no need to continue purchasing expired domains which you can lose your ranking for at any time.

-Since we do not post random topics on these websites or domains, it increases the strength and security of the links, thanks to the topical trust flow. Our network is built on white label SEO backlinks and we only sell the highest quality and most affordable SEO services for small businesses and bloggers that want to rank higher in today’s competitive market. All outbound links are relevant to your niche, which increases domain authority and link juice. This is a big difference in contrast to most PBNs mixing and combining topics on their domains, with each domain associating with hundreds of different topics and linking out to irrelevant websites.