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Why Choose a Release Distribution Services Today?

Have you run out of time to write and send a press release to the media or a distribution service? Do you second-guess your ability to provide your brand with a professional tone that delivers a compelling call-to-action with valuable information to the reader?

Our team helps you draw attention to your brand and business through media, news sites, radio, TV, blogs, and more.

You can let our team draw up a message with our experience or use our infrastructure to distribute your PR to others. It’s a fast way to help your business gain visibility.

What You Receive with Our Press Release Services

When working with our team, you can generate these optimization benefits when using our press release services.

Why You Should Let Us Handle Your Press Release Writing Service?

Why we Stand Out

Professional Copy Writers

We have professional writers who have been writing for paid and free press release networks. Their content is easy to use and understand

150 + Press Portals

Our best press release distribution or pr newswire is one of the best ways to get media coverage for your business. When you distribute your press release via us, You are guaranteed distribution to a Minimum 150 publications per release

Several Hindred Press Releses Created

We have been doing pr distribution in news, social media and google news websites for years. We are experts when it comes to public relations for small business owners as well as national websites.

Topic Specific Links

We use all the learnings in the check phase to devise a tier2 plan that may be required to further enhance the Roadmap that we had prepared in the DO Phase of the PDCA Model.

Benefits of Choosing Professional Press Release Services

When you hire our team for your professional press release service needs, you’ll find the following benefits are possible with your investment.

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Copywriting Help

We’ll create a professional document using your brand tone and voice that’s suitable for distribution through online and traditional routing. After letting us know your specifics, our writers will put together your PR for review.

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Editing Assistance

We can edit your existing press release for consistency. Our team also uses professional content editing services with our copywriting to ensure you’ve got a polished tone to present to each reader.

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Distribution Services

Your press release gets sent to media outlets, magazines, newspapers, and other distribution channels. The documentation goes to Google-approved websites and relevant social media platforms to ensure your audience can see it. Instead of accepting any publishing opportunity, we carefully select the routing for your info to ensure it can generate leads.

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Follow-up Services

Once your press release is published and distributed, our team sends you a complete report with the websites that accepted the information. Your business can keep this information for future needs at your discretion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable SEO provides an efficient service for checking, writing, and sending press releases to relevant media. With our Press Release Distribution service, sending press releases becomes affordable, accessible, and effective

Our affordable press release distribution services can help your business get the attention it deserves. Whether you’re looking to create more awareness about your business or product, you’re looking for more customers, or you want to promote an event, we can help. By hiring our affordable press release distribution service, we ensure that your press release gets the attention it deserves and maximizes the traffic and potential leads to your site via media outlets and public relations.

When you order a press release with us, we start right away. We encourage you to take a look at the pricing and options we offer and choose the one that suits you and your business best. We will try to schedule your PR Service in such a way that there is always a certain amount of time for editing or write your own text. This will depend on the most suitable time for sending the press release. We always distribute press releases within seven working day. We take public holidays and holiday periods into account in our distribution.

Now you have the opportunity to choose the best press release services to boost your company’s status and boost its profile in the media.

  1. A) Check and Send: With our best press release services, we submit your news to all the most important websites and make it sure they are displayed in the most relevant places. Many editors will take over the news. We guarantee the news is taken over by at least one editor. This service also includes a report which is sent over to you as proof of coverage.
  2. B) Write and Send: A press release is a short message that is written up as a piece of news. The main goal of a press release is to attract media coverage and thus improve your search engine rankings. We will advise on all options before you make your decision about which service to order. This way, you know exactly what you get with best press releases distribution services!

As mentioned above, we cannot guarantee free publicity. All we can try our best to get your organization in the media outlets/media sites. We will therefore always advise you on the most newsworthy angle and the best timing for a press release. If you want your company to receive news coverage and if you also want to boost your business and brand recognition, our press release service is perfect for you. Our team of public relations experts will make sure that your press releases will be distributed as effectively as possible.

A press release is primarily an informational communication tool. It informs or informs about new products, services, events, awards, campaigns, prizes etc. Press releases are primarily used in communication with media. A press release should always be written by a professional, however, since it is primarily a communication tool and should then not be entangled by mistakes or inaccuracies. A press release should always be composed of language that is fitting and natural. If you want to write a press release yourself, you should orient yourself to the typical “W” questions.

Here are 4 important things that I recommend you to avoid while writing a press release:

  • Confusing sentence constructions: Avoid applying complex sentence constructions. They tend to confuse the reader and he/she might skip your content, especially if you are targeting a general audience.
  • Unnecessary repetitions: Press releases for positive results of new research or development always include the word ‘new’. But do not overdo this – once is enough, don’t repeat three times – no one will read it!
  • A boring introduction: One of the most boring opening lines I have ever seen is: “Today, we do something amazing!” You might be excited about it but it does not mean that others will also feel the same.
  • Descriptions to be carried out: Avoid describing your business as innovative and exciting. There is another rule we use while writing a press release; what we try to do is to give an insight into how my business has helped customers live better lives. A positive change in their life should be my focus and not related with how innovative my business is.

* A successful introduction is half the battle here.

 * The important introduction information manifests itself in place and date and should ideally be mentioned first.

* Even after a bombastic, inviting headline, it is important to pick up the reader and transport them through the content. –

* The first sentence after the headline in particular should slide into the content in a relaxed and engaging manner.

All of this makes perfect content:
Write the place and date, Engage readers with successful introduction to the text, The opening sentence & Heading should be captivating, Content Should be in the right Length & Density, Bring out interest,  Avoid grammatical mistakes, Identify target market, Add additional links and sources if necessary.

One of the most common mistakes in writing a press release is to do so about topics that no one will find interesting. That’s why it is very important to know your target audience and your goal for publishing before you begin to write the text. Always ask yourself: Is the information really worth reporting and will be a hit in news and social media? The addressee is also important when it comes to the subject. If the press release intended for a journalist it include innovations in production processes, but also changes in internal structures such as a change in management. If the press release intended primarily for a consumer then it is likely to be specifically informed about new products.

Taking into account that an interesting topic alone does not bring readers, especially with pr distribution that are published on the Internet, an attractive introduction is most important point for a press release. The title of the press release is of special importance, because it is the first point of contact between the reader and the text. A title that is too long, too vague or too general does not encourage you to read on. Titles that are too long do not encourage you to read on, as does a subject that is too vague. In addition to a clear and attractive title, a press release should not exceed 250 words – including the headline –   The title and paragraph are crucial for a good press release, because they are used to “fish” the reader and introduce them to the topic. This creates a relationship between reader and text that can then be maintained by using an appropriate and effective style and tone and writing in a way that is easily understood  Only in the main part is the topic discussed in detail and the reader given further information. If the reader is not already convinced with the first lines, they will pass over the release without reading it. The most important line in the entire release is always the first one, often called the lead or pull quote, which serves to “hook” the reader. A press release should be clear, concise and professional.

First, the structure of a press release should be clear and straightforward. Here are some simple rules to follow. Write “Press release” at the top of your message, followed by the date and place. These elements will make it very clear to readers that they are reading a news story.

The press release consists of the following parts:


The headline should convey the message and not exceed more than one sentence. If you want you can use Subheading to clarify your headline.


The Intro is also known as Lead, which contains information briefly with ‘w’ questions. Readers should understand the meaning of your message in the intro. Keep it clear. Keep the introduction short as 30-50 words


Elaboration should be placed in the correct context that consist of important news, with more explanation and background information.

Note for editors

This section consists of a note to the editor of PR, which gives the journalist or editor which indicates where to get more information. You must include names, email addresses, and phone numbers of contacts, or refer to a website for more information. Separate this with blank line or horizontal lines and do not include your personal contact details to be copied in social media.

We have experienced for years sitting on the side of the table of journalists and bloggers and we know how they consume their press release. So, we have incorporated that knowledge with our excellent customer service in our Affordable SEO’s operations. Generating PR with is quite simple yet inexpensive and you do not need to take out expensive subscription. So we make it real simple for you also we do final check every time a press release is sent.