Why Press Releases Still Matter to SEO and How to Write One

Write a Press Release
Press Releases Still Matter to SEO
Press Releases Still Matter to SEO

Press Releases Still Matter to SEO

The most effective press release contains relevant information in short, declarative sentences. It also contains keywords and anchor text. Listed below are some tips to help you write a press release. Also, keep in mind the reach of the wire service. If you plan on using a wire service, you can also choose to include an author’s email address in your press release. After you have written a press release, it’s time to distribute it.

Content of a press release

When it comes to press releases, content is key. Keywords are essential, as are relevant details. Headers are particularly important, as they are given a higher value by search engines. Headers should be short and to the point, highlighting important concepts. Your press release should also contain content that is worthy of distribution. Following are some tips for creating press releases that are SEO-friendly. You can also use a press release template.

If you know how to write a good press release, you can get your news picked up by journalists and bloggers. While links in press releases aren’t considered SEO-friendly, they do help in raising awareness about your brand. However, it’s important to note that press releases can only provide good SEO results if they’re picked up by mainstream media. Moreover, they can also help in increasing brand awareness by making newsworthy announcements.


While press releases were once considered irrelevant, they have since been given a second life. Press releases are still vital to your search engine optimization strategy. Here are some of the most important things to remember when creating a press release. Keywords: Make sure to use a minimum of one primary keyword per a press release. Include it in the headline, first paragraph, and summary. It should be related to your target audience and the positioning you want your business to achieve in Google.

Relevance: You must incorporate your keywords in your press release. Press releases are written with a purpose in mind. They are a good source of traffic and authority. They should contain relevant keywords that can boost your search engine ranking. If they have high domain authority, they can also gain significant visibility on the web. They can also be picked up by journalists. In addition to getting cited by other sites, press releases can be rewritten and used as articles.

Anchor text

In the past, using keyword-optimized anchor texts in press releases got you dozens of backlinks and a top position in the SERPs. However, that strategy has been abused by SEO experts who have made the practice of leveraging press releases as a link-building tactic a lucrative one. In the current SEO climate, it is important to use generic anchor texts instead of brand names. In addition, keep your press releases to release useful information, rather than attempting to accumulate links.

In addition, make sure that your press release contains one to three links within the body section of each release. These links should provide more information to the reader, so you must be cautious not to overwhelm the reader. To ensure that your links are visible, use anchor text (visible characters and words). This text is generally blue underlined and is easily changed in HTML and CSS. When creating a press release, make sure to include the correct anchor text, and include a brief description of what the link is about.

Author’s email

Press releases are great ways to spread the word about your company and brand. However, they should be written in a way that will appeal to journalists. Even if your company doesn’t need media coverage, a good press release can attract attention. In addition to reputable publications, you can also contact local media outlets. Local newspapers, TV stations, and chambers of commerce can help draw attention to your release.


In the past, press releases were considered SEO gold nuggets. While they still offer a boost, they are not guaranteed to do so. While Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm devalued press release sites, it didn’t completely eliminate their importance. In fact, press releases remain a highly effective tool for increasing page views and building backlinks. Here are a few reasons why you should write a press release for your website.

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