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Why Should Companies Today Invest in Local SEO Google My Business Services?

It’s very simple.  Few people choose to patronize a business just because they happen to drive by on the street.  We all know that people get their information about companies from the internet.  They may start by asking friends and neighbors, but eventually, they will check out your business on the web before they buy.

What Attracts Potential Customers?

What influences customers the most is your integrity and reputation. Customers need to know you will be able to do the job successfully, and they need to know that your product is excellent.   If a potential customer is searching the internet for a roofing contractor, you want to make sure that that potential customer finds you.  Your name needs to appear in the local search results, as high up as possible.

In addition, your name needs to appear on sites where people can give reviews.  Most people will disregard the worst review and the best review and focus on what the majority of people have to say. You want to make sure that your business name is mentioned numerous times on review sites.

No one wants to be the first customer of a start-up business.  That’s unfortunately harsh for start-ups, but it’s true – no one will buy from you if they haven’t heard of you before. This is the most important reason that you need an SEO company working for you.

What influences potential customers is seeing your name pop up in tons of different places on the web and on social media. People start to think:  huh, something must be good about this company, they seem to show up everywhere I look.

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Can a Search Engine Optimization Company Help Your Business Grow?

The ways that a search engine optimization company can help your business grow are almost countless. Let’s begin with algorithms.

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When you start learning about search engine optimization, you will hear the word algorithm over and over.  An algorithm is simply a set of rules to follow when you are solving a problem – much like the formulas you learned in math class. Computers are good at following the rules that we program for them.

When you hire a search engine optimization company to help your name get recognition on the internet, the SEO company employs experts who know how to manipulate algorithms.  They know how the Google algorithms work and will use that knowledge to get your website in the face of the customers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Companies that provide search engine optimization offer many services.  A popular option is a managed service.  The whole goal is to make sure your business shows up anywhere people are looking for a service or certain goods.

The SEO company will comb your website looking for technical errors that can be holding you back.  They will offer different packages that make your website stand out.  You can purchase a monthly package that is easy to afford.  You can also purchase GMB optimization services. 

Other services include business citation services and Google Stacks.  SEO companies can also offer press releases and domain authority stacks.

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The Second Kind of Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your potential customer looking at your website, you want them to stay there.  You want them to hire you.  You want them to buy your product.

The number one thing you don’t want is for them to wander away.  If your SEO within your website is not good, that’s exactly what they will do: wander away.  If they click on something and nothing comes up, you are toast.  If they click on something and the additional information doesn’t help them make their decision, you are toast.  They are off to another website.

A first-rate SEO company will provide first-rate search engine optimization within your website.  They will first audit what is going on at the present moment.  Then they will give you a video report and a recommendations report.  Then you can choose to have them consult with you and provide support as their recommendations are implemented.

Link Building Services

A quality SEO company will also provide link-building services.  Many links on a website might not be appropriate for your business.  You may not even be aware of the destinations of some of your links.  We will check all the links on your website and make sure they are sites that will help your business rather than damage your reputation.

One of the links we can provide for your website is a Private Blog Network where you can showcase your products and services.  We can arrange guest posts on high-traffic blogs and niche link placements. 

Link Building

How Managed SEO Google My Business Services Can Help Your Business

Choosing the managed services package is a good way to get your company noticed.

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Our SEO team will start by auditing your website and your online presence.  We’ll note the keywords that we see appearing most often in your industry and see if you have those words appearing enough on your website. 

Then we will spend time checking out the competition.  What words do they use?  Where do they show up on a Google search? 


Once we have a handle on your website and your online presence, we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss our findings.  We know your business is unique and our suggestions for your website will be unique.  Business owners are encouraged to try our suggestions and see what a difference they can make.

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Once we agree on what needs to be done, our company will take care of getting it done.  You don’t have to take time away from your IT department personnel to improve your website and your online presence. 


After we have implemented our suggestions, we will stay on top of the data.  We will track exactly where your numbers were before our implementation, and exactly what differences the implementation has made to your bottom line. 

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Keeping You in the Loop

You will never feel blindsided by what you see on your own website.  We make sure you know what is going on every minute that we are re-building your website.  There will be a dedicated dashboard where you can track everything and ask questions in real-time.

More Advantages of Hiring Google My Business Seo Service to Boost Local Google Business


People looking online to purchase goods or services tend to believe that the higher you are on the search engine results, the more reputable your company is.  So we make sure the technical parts of your website are working properly and your content is good and your credibility will rise.


Hiring an experienced, knowledgeable SEO firm is more affordable than trying to do it with your own people.  Your people are taken away from other work they should be doing, and they just don’t have the expertise.  Our SEO firm has over 10 years of experience working in optimization, so we know how to tweak your content so that it fits the current algorithm.

Improved Content

In today’s website world, the content part of your website is more than just helpful information and sales pitches.  Nowadays, the content part of your website can contain charts and graphs, pictures, and even videos.  These items tend to grab the attention of your potential customer and get them actively involved in making a decision about using your company.

Beating the Competition

Google’s current search algorithm will bring up businesses that are close to the location of the computer that is doing the searching.  So it’s important that you keep your Google My Business listing up to date so that you can capitalize on that fact.  A potential customer may search for plumbers in Kansas City because they have a rental home there, but Google will first bring up plumbers in Overland Park because that is where you are physically sitting.  Your SEO firm will make sure you know that so that you can beat the Overland Park competition when the potential customer needs a plumber the next time.  This leads us to the next topic: Local Business SEO Services.

Local SEO Services

When a potential customer focuses on your business and makes the decision to use your services or buy your goods, you want to make it easy for them to find you.  Our SEO team will make sure your website mentions your local google business services such as curbside pickup.  We also will check out your local keywords and repair any words that need repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google My Business (GMB) will provide you with several ways to bring more attention to your business. First, when your GMB account is updated frequently, it brings in more customers.  Next,  your GMB can include images that grab attention and keep customers engaged.  When your GMB includes your address this makes potential customers feel more confident in buying your goods and services because they feel like you are their neighbor.  Lastly, every time a customer sees your brand in a business profile post it helps build your brand awareness.

As we all know, you can’t trust everything you see on the internet. One of the things a good search engine optimization firm does is to build trust with the prospective customer.  When you file a GMB listing, the customer knows you are a legitimate business and can be trusted. So, seeing your business in a GMB listing is a trust signal to the potential customer.

The first kind of search engine optimization happens when a potential customer just searches for your product or service, or searches for your business name.  The other kind of search engine optimization happens when the potential customer is already on your website and they need additional information.  Both kinds of search engine optimization must be adequately optimized.

Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms to keep up with changes in the market.  This is why SEO companies have to stay on top of these changes to make sure that your business, your products, and your services fit into the current algorithm to keep your business brand as close as possible to the top of the list.

This is an SEO strategy that can increase the authority of your own website.  It starts with doing blogs on lower-level websites that link to higher-level websites which, in turn, increases your authority.

When you choose our Complete Optimization Support services we take care of everything.  We make sure all the technical parts of your website are working properly, we help you build profitable links, and we help with writing content.  We will provide monthly optimization updates for general website surfing, and particular optimization updates for your unique website.

Ask the SEO firm how they operate.  Ask them about transparency and communication.  Ask them to explain their tracking metrics and see if that information is what you need.  Ask them for examples of their past successes.  Find out the average amount of experience that their technicians have, and find out how old the company is. 

We believe that every client is equal, whether you are a big company or a small local firm.  Our four-point process involves instant scalability, supportive services, quality guarantees, and balanced messaging.  With instant scalability, we assure you that you will be able to use our recommendations quickly.  With our support services you can always reach us – we are proactive in spotting problems and we are always available for whatever support you need.  With our quality guarantee, we make sure that the client is always satisfied with our service.  With our balanced messaging we work hard to make your website more than just a sales pitch.  We understand today’s prospective customers and make sure your website speaks to their needs.