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Blogger Outreach

Guest post placements on High DR, High Traffic Blogs.


Niche Edits

Niche Edit Link Placements with Contextual Anchors .


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Tiered Links

Boost your Tier 1 links with our Tiered Links packages

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Safest PBNs in the Market at Competitive prices

Our SEO link building strategy services at a glance

Our link building companies is divided into a tool set-up, the link source research, the creation of the thematic link environment according to the topic and industry, as well as the placement of the backlink and the success measurement within the framework of manually created monthly link reports.

Benefits Of Our SEO Link Building Services

When implementing organic link building measures, you have to pay attention to various points. It is not the number of placed external links that is important, but the quality. Build links strategy but favor Quality over Quantity


Our link building measures are specifically tailored to your package. The search for link sources takes place specifically in your topic-relevant environment and using your keywords. The choice of link sources and the link setting is made depending on the price and the existing backlink profile of your domain.

Permanent Links

Our link building services does not generate links through link networks that create dependency on us. Once generated, backlinks will not be removed by us after the end of the collaboration.

Increase DA PA

In our link building strategies, we pay attention to organic growth in the number of backlinks and the quality of the links as well as a natural use of anchor texts in order to prevent penalties from Google penguin updates.

High Quality Service

Our customers receive monthly reports on the links and landing pages we have set. If you are interested, we will send you a reporting example on request.


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Link Analysis

In order to track down links of inferior quality and to protect yourself from Google penalties, we recommend regularly carrying out a link profile analysis in your link building efforts. We incorporate our many years of know-how into the link profile analysis and provide specific recommendations for action or tips for dealing with poorly placed backlinks with link building tools.

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Backlink Profile Analysis

A comprehensive backlink profile analysis is the basis for a successful and sustainable link building strategy. The analysis provides valuable information, for example on the composition of the anchor texts (brand name, keyword, etc.), the ratio of follow and nofollow links and the existing link types (blog, forum, etc.). Unlike other SEO agencies, we provide support in this aswell.

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Link Building Consulting

As part of the strategy link building service, we work with you to create an individual white hat link building strategy. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, we pay particular attention to organic growth in the number of backlinks and backlink quality as well as a natural use of anchor texts in order to prevent penalties from Google penguin updates.

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Professional Link Source Research & Analysis

Linkbuilding is a time consuming activity. That is why it is all the more important to invest time in good quality link sources. Before we start with the link building techniques, we deal very intensively with the research and analysis of potential link strategy sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Link Building

SEO link building provides a website with additional awareness. After all, users of the linked page also see a page of a website that they did not know. Many users will then visit the page of the linking site and possibly share content from it on social media. Thus, valuable links not only improve the rankings directly of page seo that are linked to, but they also provide additional signals that are measurable, strengthen the entire website and facilitate long-term and sustainable success with search engines.

The relevance of an offer on the WWW stands and falls with the degree of networking and the evaluable interactions. Websites achieve a higher level of awareness through links strategy and thereby strengthen the brand itself. Affordable SEO values these building links activities above all, since they are directly connected with the success of a search engine. Building links with Affordable seo Specialists with page SEO services is now possible for every company, no matter how large or small.

Let me tell you that any link strategy that you purchase is termed as black hat by Affordable SEO.From the white hat SEO campaigns, it is all about backlinks here. If you are not blogger outreach via linkable asset or do a White Hat guest posting without paying, then it is fine in the eye ofGoogle. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to acquire quality links naturally especially if you are running a small business. Local business will always struggle to acquire links naturally so they have to use custom link building services. . The best link building campaign they can run would be to buy as no one wants to link to a service page of a Locksmtih or a plumber without specific reasons.

In relation to SEO, there is a common misconception that you can create a whole lot of links in a week and then go back to several weeks or months without developing Hyper links. This can be “unnatural” and search engines punish web sites that try to achieve higher rankings by manipulating link construction. Links should be made at a constant rate per month to keep things natural. Every link in your link building campaign needs to be linked to quality content and needs to be driving organic traffic to boost rankings.

Significant variables are also the various supply of anchor texts (supply ) and a balanced supply of do-follow and hyperlinks that are inbound. Therefore the link construction ought to be carried out frequently. – For this reason, a nicely thought out and expert link building approach is indispensable. Having a natural connection profile, the amount of organic traffic develops and fluctuates. This is the way Affordable SEO and other search engines speed it. A good mix of guest posting, PBNs, Citations, Niche edits are good link building tactics. Its very helpful from on site issue’s coz sometime they cant understand from off site issue’s they cannot see what is going on in site.

It is ideal to distribute anchor text across all types of anchor text, and not rely on one type of anchor text.

Moreover, the ideal distribution is:

5% generic anchors (used on frequently-used pages and aimed at people who would be interested in your service after reading your page’s content)

20% routine URLs (websites that you own and want to link to from within their content)

4% partial keyword match anchors (keyword anchor text / topic-related anchor text)

1% exact match anchors (precise keyword anchor text / challenging anchor text)

A 100% perfect anchor text distribution doesn’t exist, because this is dependent upon your industry, the behavior of the competition and also the orientation of your site.

If you want to optimize your rankings, you should take a closer look at these three factors: –

 Domain popularity : How many different domains refer to the website / page?

Domain Authority : How important and thus influential is the domain?

Link popularity : How many pages or URLs refer to the website / page?

Page Authority : How important and thus influential is the page?

Topical Relevance : How important is the domain for a specific topic?

Today, Link building is not just about building a large number of backlinks as quickly as possible to rank in any search engine & not considering the quality, Lately it is about natural link growth, natural anchor text distribution and high quality links.


This is achieved by offering content that is Linkable: It must be something that other people within your niche can link to  maximum linkability. A website that provides educational or newsworthy information it should be YOU who offers the best content of all (content marketing 101) & Third party shares/links the content as they find it best &  this leads to natural backlinks .

However, at the same time, you should also actively promote your linkable asset, e.g. through:

Your network

Content Marketing

Blogger Outreach

Broken Link building

Social media

And many other methods.

The characteristics of good linkable assets are: informative inspiring instructive entertaining content around particular subject

Affordable SEO develops individual link building strategies, which ensure the correct ratio of dofollow links provided by the customer.

In order to achieve a natural link growth, we take into account the organic link growth, the number of backlinks and the quality of the links.. It is also important to make sure that the link is relevant to the respective link environment and does not contain any kinds of redirects or any kind of reciprocal links via link exchanges. The only permissible hard link text is “weblinks.”

The following criteria are also important:

  • Dofollow links
  • Topic relevant link environments
  • Links that bring visitors too
  • No reciprocal links via link exchange
  • Only conditionally hard link texts