What Types of Citations is Used in Business? 2023 Tips

There are several Types of Citations used in the business world, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’ll discuss in-text citation, Chicago style, Turabian style, and IEEE style in more detail. Once you’ve chosen one, it’s time to use it. In this article, you’ll learn how to format it properly. Whether you’re writing an academic paper or a business plan, you’ll need to use the correct style of citation.

Types of Citations
Types of Citations


In-text citation

The in-text citation is used to cite works that are written by one or more authors. The author of a single-author work should be included in the citation, while those of two or more authors should be separated by an ampersand. In the case of a group of authors, the last name of each member should be cited along with their first and last names. This citation style can be confusing, but it is not impossible to master.

The proper citation format includes quotation marks around the title. Italicized titles are preferred over those without an author. For example, if the title is a report, the author’s name should be in parentheses. The publication date of a journal or article should not be included in parentheses, although it is acceptable to use a volume or issue number if available. The author and date of a book or journal article are also listed in the reference list.

Chicago style

The 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style is the standard for citing sources in business writing. The style has two types of citations: author-date and notes-bibliography. Notes-bibliography is generally preferred by humanities and social sciences, while author-date style is more commonly used in business. Students should discuss this issue with their instructors before citing sources. Whether or not to use Chicago-style citations depends on the purpose of the document.

Author-date citations are the preferred method for academic writing, as they allow for comments, examples, and further reading. However, if your paper is longer than three pages, the author-date system is the best choice. This format also allows for parenthetical references and footnotes containing comments. While the Chicago Manual of Style recommends the author-date style, this is not the only style to use.

Turabian style

The Turabian style of citing sources in business writing is similar to the Chicago style. It involves using a parenthetical reference that signals where the source was taken from. Students in the humanities should use the notes-bibliography citation style, which often includes a bibliography at the end of the document. For more information, see the left-hand navigation menu. The first time you cite a source, use the full information. The second time, use the author’s surname.

The Chicago/Turabian style is based on the Chicago manual of style. It refers to a style manual published by the University of Chicago named after Kate Turabian. Similar to the Chicago 17th style guide, the Turabian manual covers most sources and information. You can find examples of this style at the Monash University Library. It’s also used in academic writing and other business documents. While the Chicago-Turabian manual covers a variety of sources and information, it’s best to use the Chicago-Turabian style guide if you are referencing one specific publication.

IEEE style

The IEEE style citations in business require a reference list that is numbered consecutively. In the main body of the text, references are numbered sequentially in order of appearance. The references list should be titled “References” and aligned to the left or center of the page. Unlike APA, IEEE style citations do not follow an alphabetical order. The references list must contain one reference for every resource cited in the main text.

Footnotes, or the addition of information to the text, should be included in the IEEE style citations. Footnotes should follow a numbered list. They should be superscript, or placed immediately following punctuation marks. Footnote numbers should also be placed after compound sentences. As long as they are in consecutive order, the footnotes should be formatted according to the IEEE style citations in business.

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