Visiting Van Buren Drive-In Theater

If you are looking for a fun place to watch a movie, consider visiting the Van Buren Drive-In Theater and Swap Meet in Riverside. This historic theater opened in 1964 and features four screens and great food. You can watch a movie here with your family and friends or grab a snack before the movie.

How many drive-in movie theaters are left in Illin

Drive-in movie theaters exploded in popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. At their peak, over 4000 drive-ins were operating across the United States. They were also popular in Canada and Australia. During their heyday, Illinois had over 120 drive-ins. Today, however, only a handful of drive-ins are still operating in the state. Learn about California Riverside Botanic Gardens Guide

Although the number of drive-in movie theaters has decreased in Illinois, they still offer family fun. They typically offer double the features of current movies at low prices. This is a much more affordable alternative than going to an indoor movie theater. Some even offer movie snacks and blankets for extra comfort.

Two drive-in movie theaters remain in operation. One is the Harvest Moon Twin Drive-in, located in Gibson City, Illinois, while the other is the McHenry Outdoor Theater, located in northern Illinois. The Harvest Moon is a classic example of a drive-in. Its website is full of photos and videos of car lines waiting to see a movie. In Illinois, the drive-in is celebrating its 68th year in business.

Van Buren Drive-In Theater

ow open for its 68th season, and it is open for movies after 5pm. To purchase tickets, click the “Get Tickets” button to visit the ticketing application. In the calendar view, you can see which movies are showing in both screens. To select a movie, click its picture to view more information.

How many drive-in theatres are left in BC

If you love classic movies, drive-ins are an excellent choice. They’re an American tradition that’s best passed on to future generations. You can find a drive-in near you. The Van Buren Drive-In opened in 1949, and soon became a popular destination for families in Dunkirk. The theater closed in 1991, but the owners have plans to reopen it under a new name – the Van Buren Drive-In and Activities Center.

Is the drive-in open on Sundays?

The Van Buren Drive-In was a local favorite for more than 50 years. This old movie theater played classic movies and became a popular destination for families. The theater closed in 1991, but it reopened as the Mission Tiki Drive-In in the city of Riverside, California, in 2012. Listed below is a list of movies and theater hours.

The Van Buren Drive-In Theater is not open on Sundays. The theater is closed on Mondays but is open on Fridays and Saturdays. On Fridays, you can enjoy two shows for one price. Some of the movies that you can catch here include Valley Girl, Knives Out, and Trolls World Tour. The theater is closed on Sundays, so you’ll have to go early for a great view. Buy spam free backlinks for your Riverside business.


Many classic drive-in theaters have reopened or been renovated in recent years. Many offer double-night showings of classic films, blockbusters, and independent films. The theaters also offer delicious dinner fare and children’s playgrounds. If you want to spend a day with the whole family, this is a great option.

In these difficult times, drive-in movie theaters provide an alternative entertainment option. Some are popping up around the Los Angeles area, and more are expected. The movies start at 8 p.m., and admission is $10 per person. This theater is a great way to spend a sunny day with the family.

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