How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results

If you’re wondering how to write a press release, read this article first. We’ll cover the questions you should ask yourself, how to add value to your press release, and using photos and quotes. Next, we’ll cover how to get your release noticed by a large number of media outlets. Read on to discover some simple yet effective tips for creating a press release that gets results.

Write a Press Release
Write a Press Release

Questions to ask before writing a press release

Before writing a press release, you should understand your audience and objective. Write down the purpose of the release and the headline to get the attention of the journalist. The body copy should answer the 5 Ws. Then, use colorful quotes to support your points. Remember to include the date of publication. Then, add a photo or two, as well as any company branding you have. After all, this is your press release, right?

If you want your press release to be noticed by journalists, you need to know which reporters will be reading it and who will be reading it. Write a press release that shows the connection between your company and the other articles in the news. Send your press release the day before an important event, with an embargo (a deadline before which journalists can publish the story). You can also send your press release to PR Newswire or Business Wire to make sure that it reaches journalists.

Adding value to your press release

The main purpose of a press release is to inform the public about a new product, project, or announcement. The release should also address any future implications. You can also add value to your press release by including data sources and newsjacking. Newsjacking is a method of adding value to your press release by connecting it to current events. This helps it to get the attention of journalists. A press release should also have a conclusion part with a link to your company website and a description of your company’s services.

The body of your press release should contain at least 300 words. You may want to include a quote or statement from an industry expert. Make sure that you have their permission before incorporating any quotes. These will break up the press release and add face to it. You should also include boilerplate, which is simply a brief description of your company and links to its website. However, if you want to add value to your press release, make sure you include a short, accurate quote or statement.

Including quotes

Press releases should address the problem the subject is solving and include quotes that support this argument. If the press release is about a new store, for example, include quotes about economic benefits, increasing consumer choice, and ambiance. Likewise, press releases about a new event or conference should include quotes from leaders in the industry. Quotes about the affordability of tickets are important, too. The press release should also include quotes about the impact the event will have on the local economy.

The first rule of press releases is that quotes are best when they are full and undistorted. Avoid using partial quotes, as these could lead to misunderstandings. If you’re using a quote to back up a fact, make sure that the full text of the quote matches the tone and meaning of the original. Remember, the goal is to use the quote to support the story and not to replace it with the author’s words.

Using photos in your press release

Using photos in your press release can help your content stand out from the rest. However, make sure to choose images that relate to your press release’s subject. For example, if you’re releasing a new smartphone, you might want to include a flurry of attention-grabbing images. If you’re using stock photos, be sure to keep them high quality, but don’t overdo it! Remember, quality always wins over quantity.

When using images in a press release, use high-quality photographs and videos. People’s attention spans have dropped significantly, and you only have eight seconds to capture their interest. In addition, if your images contain people, they’ll be more likely to be viewed by readers. Using photos and videos will not only make your press release stand out in a crowded marketplace, but they will also give your press release an extra boost in its search results.

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